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Be Prepared For Your Next Outing!

Notes to help you be prepared for up-coming events and meetings.
See also the campout packing list.

Scouts should check back here before each outing to see if there are any special considerations that they should be aware of.  Start with the packing list above, and don't forget the mess kit.

Day Hike Nov. 7

We'll hike a bit over 4 miles. so not too far, but the terrain is a bit rough in some spots.  We've covered a lot of hike preparation topics in recent meetings, so none of this list should be a surprise if you've paid attention.

Please stay home if at all unwell.  Check your healthy temperature before leaving home.

  • Bring your mask.  You might lower it when we're moving and spread out, but it's shields up whenever we're close and when we stop and gather or pass other hikers.
  • Water bottle.  With water.
  • Small first aid kit.  Doesn't need to be fancy -- a baggie with some essentials is adequte for a short outing like this.  You Scout Handbook tells you what's essential.
  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes should be worn in and comfortable.  We could find muddy places, and rough footing, so boots would be preferred if available.
  • Hat and/or sun-screen if the weather is sunny, even if cool.
  • Rain gear if the forecast is at all doubtful. 
  • Watch the range of temperatures through the morning and be able to shed layers if necessary..
  • A way to carry all the above, like a small day packe.g.
  • Optional: A compass, especially if you have unmet rank requirements for map & compass work; we'll have trail maps available.
  • Optional: A GPS unit or a hike-oriented GPS app on you phone.
  • Bring a sack lunch if you want to eat with the group in the park before being picked up.  It's okay if you don't stay for lunch.


 We travel in uniform.

  • Unless otherwise noted, we meet for departure on the St. Joseph parking lot at 6 p.m. on Friday for an ordinary weekend campout.
  •  We call home on Sunday when we know our exact arrival time back in Manchester; we return to the former Office Depot parking lot unless otherwise noted.

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