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Be Prepared For Your Next Outing!

Notes to help you be prepared for up-coming events and meetings.
See also the campout packing list.

Scouts should check back here before each outing to see if there are any special considerations that they should be aware of.  Start with the packing list above, and don't forget the mess kit.

Summer Camp

It's been a while, so make sure to review the standard campout packing list above, including the parts about rain gear and mess kit and water bottle.  In addition:

  • Use this packing list from the camp

  • And look at all the points on this page: What Else Do I Need to Know About Summer Camp?
  • And all the points on the page under Summer Camp named Scouts read this.
  • Note that this camp really discourages phones!  Leave it home or in the car.

  • Bring 4 carabiners if you can to secure the corners of your tent if it storms 

  • Pack lots of scout tee shirts; the camp manual calls for the "activity uniform", aka "class B".
  • Bring gear to the trailer between 10am and 11am on Saturday, 7/2.  (Otherwise you will need to carry it to the campsite from the parking lot.)


 We travel in uniform.

  • Unless otherwise noted, we meet for departure on the St. Joseph parking lot at 6 p.m. on Friday for an ordinary weekend campout.
  •  We call home on Sunday when we know our exact arrival time back in Manchester; we return to the former Office Depot parking lot unless otherwise noted.

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