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We have at least one outing or activity each month, and Scouts can invite their scout-aged friends to certain of them.  We're glad to share the fun!  Here's what we need from friends' parents to make it possible.

  1.  A signed permission form with fee (if applicable) payable to "Troop 751".
  2. A signed health history form (parts A & B).  Mom or dad can fill this out at home; no doctor.
  3. IF any medications are needed while with us, we need a medication schedule form.  The adult in charge gets that and the meds.

A courtesy email or call to the Scoutmaster is appreciated, too.

Parents can get the health history form back at the end of the event if they wish.  Otherwise it will sit in our files ready for another event until the end of the year when it will be shredded. 

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