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Important: Mr. Hardy's wife has tested positive for Covid, so Mr. Hardy may not be able to attend camp.  Other adults attending are Messrs. Clever, Hamer, and Harter.  We will have no meeting this week.  The plan was for Mr. Hardy to go over some points for camp with the Scouts.  Those points are online now and listed here (so available even to those who wouldn't be at the meeting).  Parents, make sure your Scout coming to camp reads this.

  • From the camp manual: "Please leave cell phones at home, or at least leave them with the Scoutmaster 'for emergency use only.'"
  • All campers -- leaders and Scouts, are reminded that NO cell phones or other photographic equipment are allowed in the camp shower houses at any time.  The reasons should be obvious, and violations could lead to serious consequences.  (Never had a problem with it; don't want one.)
  • Scouts with the Senior Patrol leader will assign daily fire marshals in addition to the usual campsite duties.
  • Keep patrol sites neat and clean.  They will be visitied and judged daily with prizes awarded at the end of the week.
  • Troops can participate in various activities on a lottery system.  Be prepared to let troop leadership know the interest in signup up for any of these:
    • Open aquatics and swims at the pool
    • Fishing
    • Gaga Ball
    • Chess near the Trading Post
    • Troop archery shoot
    • Troop rifle shoot
    • Troop climb
    • Troop swim
    • Troop boating out-and-about
  • Two adult leaders must accompany the troop to the shower house
  • After 10pm Scouts do not leave their campsite without a buddy and adult leadership, including for use of showers.
  • The official uniform is required for all participants, both youth and adults.  Complete field uniforms are to be worn for evening flag ceremonies, vespers, and campfires.
  • Activity uniforms are appropriate for the rest of the day.  Activity uniforms are Scout pants or shorts, socks, and Scout-related tee shirts.
  • Among the forms provided to your parents is one for recording all the merit badge prerequisites that you have done. Be sure that that is turned in by time of departure!

Here are the points made in last week's update for easy access:

  •  Cots will not be provided by camp.  Campers will need to bring a cot or an air mattress if they don't want to sleep directly on the concrete pad provided for the tents.
  • Scouts should complete any pre-work for any of the badges they've selected for summer camp.  Details are in the parents' packet which can be downloaded from the troop website.  There is a form for recording what prerequisites have been completed; turn it in by departure time.
  • It's too far for parents' night, twice as far as S-bar-F.  You're welcome to make the trek if you really want to, but we won't expect you unless you let us know otherwise.
  • Bring gear to the trailer on Saturday, 7/2, between 10 am and 11 am so that you don't have to pack it into camp.
  • Meet to leave for camp on the upper lot at 9:30 on Sunday, 7/3, in uniform, and bring a lunch.
  • Double-check that you've signed all forms in the parent packet.  Many activities have a specific form or release that is required.
  • Emails were sent to all concerning any outstanding health form issues.  Please be sure to provide what was asked.


We are tentatively planning a Mystery Campout for the first weekend in August, 8/5-8/7.  Hold the date.

New health forms are needed from everyone.  Please turn in new Part A and Part B for all events.    Include copies of both sides of the applicable insurance card if it's changed.  If going to camp, please schedule a physical using Part CThese are needed for participating adults, too!    Youth physicals can be by a PA or a NP.  The camp manual specifically calls out the date of the last tetanus vaccination; you'd want to make sure that's up to date in any case.  Make sure it's included on Part B.


Watch the council website for upcoming merit badge skill centers Many  are being offered online.

Upcoming events:

  • Summer Camp - July 3-6 @ Camp Hohn
  • Mystery Campout - 8/5-8/7 tentative
Turn in a new permission form for each event by the due date on the Forms page.

Medications should be in their original containers accompanied each outing with the troop's Medication Schedule form.  Send only what is needed for the outing.  Never skip medications meant to be taken regularly when on a Scout outing.

Health forms
must be updated every year. Please submit an updated and newly signed copy of Parts A & B for both youth and for participating adults along with a copy of the insurance card that will provide coverage in the coming year.  Part C with a physical examination will be required for summer camps and high-adventure outings.

BSA forms and detailed information can be found on the national council website at  Troop activty permission and medication schedule forms are on the troop's Forms page.



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