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ScoutFest 2020

This a once-in-a-decade council-wide Scouting extravaganza, held in St. Louis' Forest Park, is the largest Scout gathering in the United States in 2020.

We are being encouraged to get individuals registered sooner than later to secure properly sized campsites.  Cost of registration with the council for this unique experience is $40 until July 15, not that much more than a regular weekend campout.  Please turn in an activity permission form along with the fee when your Scout can commit.  As this October event draws nearer and we decide what we're doing for food, we may need a bit more to cover that.

Parents, but not siblings, can camp with the troop.  Parents and non-registered siblings can register for the day activities.  Right now we're concerned about getting campers registered.  Lots of details are available at


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