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What Else Do I Need to Know About Summer Camp?

  • Please see the Personal Checklist attached to this page and the packet.
  • Please note the "not recommended" section on that list: We do not want cell phones or electronic games in camp, please. 
  • MEDICATIONS: If required, please send a copy of the troop medication schedule form (attached to the packet) with all Scouts’ medications. All medications must be turned into an adult. We will make sure the medication is distributed according to the schedule you provide. 
  • One way of packing is to put a day’s worth of clothes in a 2-gallon zip-lock baggie. That guarantees some fresh, dry clothes each day. Most scouts pack in Rubbermaid-type bins. These work well, but if you use them, please do not go over-sized, or we won’t have room for all the gear in the trailer. Please ONE bin per scout. 
  • Do NOT bring aerosol bug spray. Please bring lotion or pump bug repellant. 
  • Clothing can also be pre-treated with permethrin spray. 
  • If you wish to fish, please bring fishing gear and (if age 16+) a state fishing license.
  • It can sometimes get cool, so please pack some long clothes and a sweatshirt. It is suggested that you bring a sleeping bag for cooler nights and a sheet for warm nights. 
  • Closed-toed shoes are required around camp. Please do not plan on wearing sandals or flip flops. It is suggested to bring a second pair in case the first pair gets wet. 
  • All Scouts should bring their full uniform and wear it for travel. Please bring a hanger to put your uniform on to keep it neat. We wear full uniforms to Opening Campfire, Closing Campfire and on Family Night.  Members of the Order of the Arrow should bring their sash for Thursday evening. 
  • We will have more information about loading up the trailer and day of departure when the week gets closer. Please check your emails for more information closer to summer camp.
  • Note that this camp really discourages phones!  Leave it home or in the car.
  • Bring 4 caribiners if you can to secure the corners of your tent if it storms 

  • Pack lots of scout tee shirts; the camp manual calls for the "activity uniform", aka "class B".
  • Bring gear to the trailer between 10am and 11am on Saturday, 7/2.  (Otherwise you will need to carry it to the campsite from the parking lot.)
  • Meet to leave for camp on the upper lot at 9:30 on Sunday, 7/3, in uniform, and bring a lunch.  We won't be fed by camp until dinner on Sunday.
  • Always check the Be Prepared section on the troop’s website!

Scouts love getting mail at camp! Mail takes several days to arrive, so you may wish to send mail prior to your Scout’s departure for camp. You can also give letters to an adult leader before departure, and we can deliver them to your scout at camp.
To ensure proper delivery to your Scout, use the complete address below:

Scout’s Name, Troop 751
Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation
525 Camp Hohn Drive
Gravois Mills, MO 65037

Parents Night

This is a significantly longer round-trip than S-bar-F, so it may not be practical.  Parents are invited to visit camp after 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 7.  If you do come, please let us know in advance and do not arrive before 5 p.m. as our scouts will still be attending merit badge classes (and hopefully showering) up to that time.

Trading Post

The trading post is stocked with an assortment of patches, cups, merit badge pamphlets, Scouting supplies, camp T-shirts, toiletries, and snacks. There is no specific amount of money a Scout should bring to camp, but on the average, Scouts spend between $25 and $40, depending on the purchase of supplies for merit badges. (Please put money for your scout in a sealed envelope with his name on it and give it to an adult at departure.)

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